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Star Trek Online Credits

Find your Star Trek Online Credits here!

There are plenty of ways to get Star Trek Online Credits, many of them relatively entertaining. But, once you get past the early few levels and start pushing toward some serious high level content, the cost of gear and upgrades goes up dramatically, Suddenly, Star Trek Online Credits are no longer fun to get, but a chore, and once something becomes a chore, it’s not much of a game any more.

So, of course players want to know if it is safe to buy cheap STO Credits instead of spending hours upon hours farming for them. The question is a good one and with so many rumours about players having trouble when you buy Star Trek Online credits, it’s no wonder so many players ask it.

How to Stay Safe When You Buy Star Trek Online Credits

The truth is that it is very safe to buy STO credits as same as the HotS gold. Most companies are highly reputable, never ask for your account information, and will deliver quickly, almost immediately after you order from them. However, there are rumours out there that cheap STO credits can be dangerous, and it largely comes from those people who get caught up by a less than reputable company or a scammer.

There are some things to look out for here. To start with, never buy Star Trek Online credits directly off another gamer. They might be trustworthy, or they might be waiting to make their move. Whatever the case, you want to be sure that when you buy STO credits, you get them immediately and don’t have to worry about things like scammers. Don’t buy from people who spam you in-game and definitely don’t talk about having bought cheap Star Trek Online credits.

Additionally, never hand out personal information that can be used to access your game account. This is a quick way to get your account stolen and the STO credits you just bought retaken from you. Finally, make sure you do a search using a service like MMOBUX to find only companies that have been well reviewed and shown to provide quality service and quick returns on all purchases. You want your Star Trek online credits to show up immediately, not in two or three days.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy STO credits, there are a lot of ways to go about doing so. But, before you do anything, you need to make sure you spend a good amount of time finding the right company, protecting your account, and most of all, planning how to spend all that shiny new currency you just bought.

Season One recently launched for Star Trek Online and now Cryptic Studios is giving it yet another update. Although it is minor 0.1 update, but fans of the game will be surely pleased with the supplemental Special Task Force missions. Your chance to increase in Star Trek Online Credits through these new missions is here. Starting off with the “Undine Terradome” that I have mentioned in the previous posts, followed by the “Memory Alpha Revamp” mission. A abundance of Star Trek Online Credits will surely be heading your way.

The main Season 1 update has plenty of updates to start off with and even more opportunities to fill your pockets with Star Trek Online Credits. To mention a few, the introduction of the “Big Dig” mission or the new accessibility of Klingon to the Crystalline. Get your skill slots empty because 3 new skills is coming your way. Be on the lookout for these skills today: Starship Battle Strategy, Starship Attack Vectors and Combat maneuvers.

Cryptic Studios is sure to keep the updates coming, while they make more updates. New Special Task Force missions and raid episodes is a must for those players maxing out the level caps that Cryptic Studios defines. Exciting game features like the “Death Penalty” or the “Difficulty Slider” is sure to help tackle the boredom while waiting for updates.

The new Star Trek Online Season 1.1 update which will feature a new Special Task Force mission ‘Undine Terradome’. Additionaly Cryptic will introduce 2 more ships, Akira and Hope. ALl this is scheduled to launch on Apil 29.

The new Undine Faction

The Undine, aka Species 8472, is a new species that shape-shifts to trick their enemies. To me they look like walking melted action figure of the Alien!

The new ships:


The Akira Class is designed as a carrier ship and heavy gun ship suitable for protecting space stations .


The Hope class is a support type vessel, designed to function as medical facility. Its unique design, similar to that of the Olympic class, offers extra space for refugee transport or emergency medical operations..

What’s going to happen…

How tough these new Undine creatures are going to be, and how the new ships will work in space is up for you to find out! But before you go into the warp, make sure to buy Star Trek Online Credits so you can arm yourself with ample weaponary and powerful ships.

Star Trek Online credits reviews have a long way to go to cover the expanse of player needs. STO credits’ consumers abound as more people login to play and the desire to buy STO credits spreads across an expanding universe of gamers.

On the other hand, STO credits guides abound. Any decent STO credits guide available aims at explaining how to farm STO credits. They don’t explain the premium prices provided at gaming shops or give Star Trek Online credits tips on stores that sell STO credits at reasonable rates. This is what Star Trek credits reviews will do once they are out there.

I say this because despite soaring through cyber space in search of advice on where to buy STO credits, I have found Star Trek Online credits review web pages to be scarce so far. While plenty of stores sell STO credits, vendors are still not rated there per se.

Like I already said, a good STO credits guide gives advice on farming the game gold in play but won’t tell you about pricing or review vendors. Don’t get these two resources confused if you are new to MMORPGs and to seeking news on Star Trek Online energy credits.

Likewise, if you’re a player looking to sell STO credits because you already have saved for a new Tier 5 ship fully equipped to beat Borg cubes into submission, you need to do the research yourself to accurately analyze the stores to which you are selling. My guess is it will be at least a year until Star Trek credits reviews are readily available and able to make our lives easier in shopping around.

In the mean time, the last thing you want is to arrange a venture in vending your hard earned energy credits to find they disappear into cyber space and you don’t get paid a cent. Don’t just trust a STO credits guide or Star Trek Online reviews if you can find any out there already. Do your own homework. Whether you are looking to buy STO credits or sell STO credits, check your tri-corder reading on the merchants out there.

They may be listed in a Star Trek Online credits review or they may be listed and reviewed for dealing in currencies of other games. It’s worth your time to do the legwork as with any Away Mission.

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